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Технический райдер

Musical equipment:
• Acoustic system. At least 2 speakers on stands like Brehringer B 115D EUROLIVE type.
• Mixer. Analog or digital. Necessarily with the presence of sound processing. Example: Allen&Heath XTONE: 464
• A laptop connected to the mixer.
• There must be a sound engineer on the stage who will connect the artist’s microphone (radio microphone Sennheiser EM-XSW 1), make the sound and ensure high-quality sound throughout the entire performance. If there is no musical equipment on the location, the organizers will inform about this in advance. In this case, the artist's sound engineer brings and installs his equipment for an additional fee. If there is musical equipment on the stage, please provide a list of available equipment (indicate the full name)

Бытовой Райдер

• Dressing room not far from the stage.
• Full-length mirror
• At least 2 chairs
• 1 table
• Suit hanger
• 2 bottles of still mineral water 0.5 at room temperature.
• If the show is planned outside of United Arab Emirates, fly tickets, visa, hotel, meals and transfer during the tour must be provided by the event planner
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